Stories on Stage

Once upon a time, the radio station WBEZ sponsored a live performance series called “Stories on Stage.”  Actors would be provided with stories long and short and would read these stories before a live audience at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  These performances would be recorded and, if they were pulled off successfully, they would be broadcast on the radio every Saturday night at 7:00.

For many years, performers with a knack for storytelling got gainful employment from this program and enjoyed the unique thrill that comes with doing pure theater- just the words, the actor and the audience.  No gimmicks, no special effects- just good, old-fashioned storytelling.

Alas, the program eventually ran its course and is no more…but the stories live on!  Here are samples from three of my favorite Stories on Stage performances over the years.

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Age of Grief

My Coney Island Uncle

Notes from a Lady