The Fair Maid of the West (2017)

Oak Park Festival Theatre

July 29-September 2, 2017

“★★★ – Buckle up, Buttercup — there’s a new “Princess Bride” in town…[“Fair Maid”] offers plenty of tongue-in-cheek comic zest and thrilling fight sequences. Theis, who has written a book about his experiences as a teen “Rocky Horror Picture Show” cast regular, brings some of that break-the-fourth-wall audience-participation sensibility to this staging.” – Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

“One of the best! Theis has crafted a sprightly script to suit his strong actors. His take on Thomas Heywood’s swashbuckler is fresh and immediate, with actors using asides to wink at the audience with contemporary flourishes…“The Fair Maid of the West” should entertain and delight audiences throughout the Chicago area. Its every detail is full of joy and innovation. Look no further for a lovely summer treat.” – Sarah Bowden, Theatre by Numbers

The My Way Residential (World Premiere) (2017)

Irish Theatre of Chicago

May 17 – June 25, 2017

“Kevin Theis, Terry Bell and Belinda Bremner know how to work Aron’s story for maximum warmth and wit…the result is a charming snapshot of two marginalized people forging an alliance in a world that would just as soon forget they exist.” – Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

The Importance of Being Earnest (2014)

Oak Park Festival Theatre

July 26-August 23, 2014

“★★★ – Oak Park Festival Theatre’s alfresco staging, directed by Kevin Theis, mostly keeps a balance between style and sincerity that translates well in the arboreal splendors of Austin Gardens… Theis keeps the action smartly paced, and his ensemble mostly resists the urge to go big in the great outdoors — a good thing, since overplaying is deadly for this play… the company delivers a sincerely stylish take on one of the enduring workhorses/show ponies of British comedies of manners — and one where you can bring your own picnic of tea sandwiches and muffins.”- Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

If you like your humor dry and your comedy subversive, you’ll want to make your way to Austin Gardens to see Oak Park Festival Theatre’s witty and well-paced staging of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest.”…[the production] is packed with both style and substance. It’s wonderfully fitting that such sparkling text should play out under the stars.– Catey Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times

“…a fabulously fizzy and fun time. Wilde’s Lady Bracknell is masterfully played by Belinda Bremner with an appropriate imperiousness and blithe unawareness of her often ridiculous pronouncements…[A]n enjoyable evening out under the stars [and] a fitting party piece to commemorate Festival Theatre’s 40th anniversary.” – Daily Herald

Monstrous Regiment (2014)

Lifeline Theatre Company

June 3-August 3, 2014
Monstrous Regiment was Jeff Recommended and Nominated for Best Production of the Year

★★★★ The best thing about Hainsworth’s script and director Kevin Theis’ crackerjack staging is that it manages to fully inhabit the realm of the ridiculous while tipping its hat to Pratchett’s essentially humanist/feminist concerns…If there has been a more accomplished comedic ensemble on a Chicago stage this year, I’ve not seen it.”Chicago Tribune

★★★★ Kevin Theis has pitch-perfectly directed them with a Mel Brooksian verve…Whimsical summer fun rarely comes as delectably packaged as this!”Chicago Theatre Beat

★★★★ Monstrous Regiment’s greatest achievement is the speed with which it immerses you in its universe…Combined with spectacular costumes and spot-on physical comedy, it’s immediately understandable and entertaining.”Time Out Chicago

Moon For The Misbegotten (2012)

Seanachai Theatre Company

March 23- April 29, 2012

Moon for the Misbegotten was Jeff Recommended and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Brad Armacost)

“Director Kevin Theis and his Seanachai Theatre Company cast negotiate the difficult twists and subtle changes of tone with such finesse and grace that you’d think O’Neill had written this tale of a trio of misfits with them in mind.” – Chicago Reader

Henry V (2011)


7/14-8/20 2011

“Oak Park Festival Theatre’s new production of “Henry V,” performed outdoors in Austin Gardens, is spellbinding and powerful. Tightly and intensely directed by Kevin Theis…a thrilling production.” – Oak Park Wednesday Journal 

Cyrano de Bergerac


“The production, tightly directed with keen insight into its complexities by Kevin Theis, offers something for everyone-romance, comedy, unrequited love, jealousy, swordplay, and war. The tragicomedy is well-acted and excitingly staged.” – Oak Park Wednesday Journal


Picture of Dorian Gray

September 12-November 16 2008

Jeff Recommended, nominated for Best New Adaptation and Best Supporing Actor (Paul S. Holmquist)

“Director Kevin Theis is able to bring out the true emotion and humor in the tale as well as create an atmosphere of pounding dread. Theis also manages a couple moments of pure theatrical magic that may cause audience members to gasp in wonder, reveling in the joy of the live theatrical experience.”– Chicago Free Press



July 11-August 19 2006

“RECOMMENDED…Under the reserved direction of Kevin Theis, the actors in this open-air production lend depth to personalities nowadays reduced to shallow stereotypes–the beauty, the brain, the spinster schoolteacher– amplifying their very human vulnerability. Audience members will go home with some striking insights into the gender dynamics of the period–or at least a sweetly sudsy romance for a balmy summer night.” – Chicago Reader 


The Mandrake: A Renaissance Musical

greasy joan & co.
4/2/99- 4/25/99.

Jeff Recommended and nominated for Best Director and Best Musical Direction

 “Director Kevin Theis sidesteps all the traps that usually ensnare people producing pre-Shakespeare comedies…But every time Machiavelli indulging [in] speechifying, Theis finds some appropriate stage business to spice up the show.” – Chicago Reader