In the summer of 2017, I was proud to revisit and stage a new version of my adaptation of Thomas Heywood’s “The Fair Maid of the West” for the Oak Park Festival Theatre.  It was a chance to spend some time with my old friends Bess, Spencer, Goodlack, Roughman and Clem…the protagonists and heroes I had helped bring to life twenty-three years earlier in one of the proudest moments of my directing career.

Revisiting the play with this new, eager group of performers did not disappoint. If anything, it reaffirmed that this is one of the most fun, thrilling, moving and enjoyable pieces of theatre that has ever been written.  It was my honor to head up this glorious crew of adventurers and, happily, the critics seemed to agree that it was a show worth seeing.

There are few plays more rewarding, more challenging and more fun than this piece.  I highly recommend you give it a spin yourself.  You won’t regret it.